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Just Do It

Sometimes I digress from the topic of music, and this is one such digression article.

I’m going to write about plastic surgery today because it’s been a front-brain thing for the past couple of weeks.

One of my close friends—I’ll call him Rob—has had some body issues since he was a kid. He recently started looking into getting some plastic surgery done so that he can be free of the self-consciousness surrounding the issues.

He searched Google for plastic surgeons near me and plastic surgeons Orlando and best plastic surgeons central FL.

He found a number of results. He went to each practice’s website and looked at the services each one provided. He found that most of them offered both offered cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

Reconstructive surgery included specific procedures such as breast reduction, breast reconstruction, tissue expansion, cleft lips and palates, etc. Cosmetic surgery covered procedures like body lifts, fat reduction, facial balance, breast augmentation, breast surgery, etc.

Rob looked at all of that information and then checked into other aspects of plastic surgery: plastic surgery prices, plastic surgery facts, plastic surgery statistics, and plastic surgery photos. Of course he also came across pictures of plastic surgery gone wrong.

All of that information served him well as he started to explore the options available to him. Then he went to a couple of practices and checked out the facilities and spoke with the staff and the surgeons.

Armed with his research, he selected one plastic surgeon and decided to take the plunge and have the elective surgery done. His wife was totally supportive, as were his kids.

The procedure took several hours and the recovery took a lot longer. He was actually in the hospital for two nights after the surgery; he had some complications, I guess. Then he was released to go home, and the rest of his recovery took place there.

I talked to Rob a few days ago and he told me that he’s pretty much back to normal after the surgery. It was like talking to a different person. He seemed so excited and also so relieved. I could tell that having the surgery had lifted a weight off his shoulders and really freed him up to enjoy life more and engage in activities that before the surgery he hadn’t been able to do.

It made me happy for Rob that he had made the decision to just go for it. Seeing how happy he was with the results got me thinking about other people I know who struggle with body issues. If they ever asked my opinion, I’d tell them to do what Rob did and just go for it. Get a surgery done to correct those areas, and then be free of self-consciousness for the rest of their lives.

Anyway, that’s my digression article. Back to music with the next blog!